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Product Lead



Posted on Friday, November 3, 2023

Product Lead

Job Description

Job Title: Product Lead
Location: SF/NYC
Company: ZetaChain

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain aims to be the only blockchain you’ll ever need. It is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place, as a developer or user.
ZetaChain prides itself on its vibrant and active community, a testament to our growing impact and relevance in the blockchain space:
Thriving Ecosystem: Over 150+ dApps developed, showcasing diverse innovation and utilization.
Engagement: With over 800K+ followers on Twitter and an equally active Discord community of 800K+ members, ZetaChain fosters a dynamic environment for engagement, and collaboration.
Activity: Our testnet has seen over 35K+ smart contracts deployed and processed over 25M+ transactions.
Find out more about our ecosystem:
Find out more about our hiring culture: Dream Team Culture

About the Role

ZetaChain is looking for a lead product manager to manage and lead various consumer product initiatives, and to work alongside the development of the core protocol to guide how the world interfaces with ZetaChain. Things you may work on include:
Building out the ‘Hub’ that all 1.5M+ ZetaChain community and users will interface with when they want to use and explore ZetaChain’s ecosystem.
Experimental crypto-adjacent experiments that leverage and showcase ZetaChain’s unique interoperability layer.
Work with and advise partner builders, studios, and companies to develop new products on top of ZetaChain.

What excites you? (aka Role Responsibilities)

Building, designing, and setting the vision for user-facing products+features built on top of ZetaChain’s network for financial, technical, and creative use cases.
Leading a team of designers and engineers through end-to-end product building.
Talking to users across the world, getting real feedback, and developing organization-wide knowledge and understanding of how ZetaChain and its products
Working with marketing, BD, and community to compliment growth and expansion needs with product and design.
Setting KPIs, OKRs, goals, roadmaps, and working with your team to deliver on them.
Collaborating with and advising external partners, studios, builders on products they are building on top of ZetaChain.

What we’re looking for: (aka Qualifications)

2-5+ years in crypto, social, or fintech product leadership / product management experience.
Exceptional leadership, management, and process skills.
You can break down complex technical requirements, concepts, and constraints and have a strong intuition for how people use, do not use, or want to use products.
You can get creative and develop insights and solutions for problems that might not have existing parallels using first principles and design thinking.
You can lead a project end-to-end (from exploration to shipping) and have a track record for navigating and leading a team through ambiguity.
You know your way around crypto product - from wallets to DeFi to gaming to NFTs to devtooling. You understand and have opinions on the state of crypto product and onboarding, and have ideas of where the space needs to improve.
You care deeply about the safety of users and the implications of the technology you create.

Nice to haves

Technical background
Design/UI/UX background
Entrepreneurial experience
Ecosystem / portfolio management experience
Knowing your way around some subset of Linear, Notion, Github, Figma