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Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023


Job Overview

Job Description:
Write or create technical content, including API/SDK documentation, educational articles, video tutorials, attend conferences or interviews, and provide technical support for market team or collaboration negotiations when necessary.
Provide support, guidance, or issue resolution for developers or technical communities, online or offline events such as Meetups, hackathons, serving as a technical spokesperson to showcase our solutions and use cases. Collect feedback from the technical community to improve the usability of API/SDK.
Actively build and maintain relationships with more developers and Web3 teams. Identify business opportunities and partnerships that align with DODO's goals, expanding the user base and use cases of API/SDK.
Absorb insights and understanding of Web3 and DeFi ecosystems from developers and practitioners, provide feedback to the team for strategic decisions and product iterations.
Broad awareness and understanding of Web3 and DeFi, capable of grasping most technical concepts in the crypto space.
Engineering background, with at least 2 years of development or related work experience.
Preferably has experience in developer relations or ecosystem development.
Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or a related STEM field.
Strong communication skills and a passion for engaging with people.
English can be the working language
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